*This is a very small sample of the kind of resources EPIIC will provide.

“No other virus, ever, on this planet has been accompanied by so much testing. And testing that has created so much nonsense and panic.”
– Dr. Beda Stadler, Professor of Immunology



Canadian Covid Care Alliance Excellent resource. Start with the 3-min video.

BC Class Action Lawsuit (Comprehensive)

CEBM Centre For Evidence Based Medicine in Oxford

COCHRANE Previously considered the gold-medal standard for research reviews its reputation has been tainted by policy changes and board controversy, but it remains a good resource. (*A better choice might be CEBM above) Cochrane Reviews

Swiss Policy Research – Facts About Covid-19, English & German

Institute For Scientific Freedom

Nobel Laureate Debate on ‘Corona – The Role of Science in Times of Crisis’ with Peter C. Doherty, Alice Fletcher-Etherington, Michael Levitt, Saul Perlmutter, & Enrique Lin Shiao (Full video)

Petition to CDC to cease publication of false disclaimers that CDC has “no financial interests or other relationships with the manufacturers of commercial products” from Project on Government Oversight, Public Citizen, Knowledge Ecology International Liberty Coalition, & U.S. Right to Know. PDF

2009 Swine Flu/Tamiflu; A Cautionary Tale?
In 2009 the CDC, WHO, and Pharma used mass-media to convince the world we were all going to die from Swine Flu (sound familiar?), then got governments to buy billions of dollars of ineffective and potentially harmful Tamiflu … even though the CDC and WHO hadn’t even reviewed the data-set. Read about it here.

Gated Development – Is the Gates Foundation always a force for good?
From Global Justice Now (London), a comprehensive review of the powerful influence of the Gates Foundation PDF

WHO – When private donors contribute 80% of the budget, what is the Impact on Policies, Sustainability & Governance? PDF