Our forum will be divided into categories and anyone will be able to read the posts, but only EPIIC Members will be allowed to post & comment.

There will be a zero tolerance for ad hominen comments, or any attempts to disparage, smear, or personally attack individuals.

EPIIC Members will challenge and debate data, they will not attack personal traits. *Failure to follow this guideline will result in one (1) warning only. The next offence will result in the removal of the offender from EPIIC membership.

We are currently evaluating a variety of Forum softwear apps for UI & Security issues. (*If you have expertise in this area, please contact us.)

Possible Forum Categories:

  • C19 (Mandates, Lockdowns, Masks, Vaccine Safety, WHO, etc.)
  • Political/Corporate (WEF, Bill Gates, BlackRock, Pharma, etc.)
  • Global Finance (CBDC, BIS, Crypto, etc.)
  • Censorship (Big Tech/MSM/TNI/C2PA, etc.)
  • Climate Change (EV, SMART Technology, etc.)