Role of US Dept of Defense in C19 Response

It’s a very deep hole filled with lots of slithering creatures, so beware. But if you feel inclined to take a dive, Sasha Latypova will guide you through the maze of corruption and collusion.

“It is curious that the US DoD awarded $10 billion … to a venture whose substantial equity (and IP) holder is the Chinese Communist Party.”

” … the Israeli Ministry of Health … gave Pfizer (and by extension, US DoD … BioNTech … Fosun and anyone who controls it, i.e. CCP) access to all their citizens’ centralized electronic health records.”

“They use taxpayers’ money to fund, develop, then “approve”, purchase and deploy prohibited biowarfare agents for killing and injuring their own civilian population, their own armed forces, first responders, healthcare workers, pregnant women and children.”

From her Substack article here:

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“Carbon Footprint”

PERSONAL “CARBON FOOTPRINT” is a marketing term created for a $100M media campaign by British Petroleum to deflect attention away from their devastating Gulf of Mexico environmental disaster.

“This is one of the most successful, deceptive PR campaigns maybe ever,” said Benjamin Franta, who researches law and history of science as a J.D.-Ph.D. student at Stanford Law School.